Wednesday, March 3, 2010

What is the Change Journey Map?


The Journey Map is the tool for facilitating a team dialogue on how to create a design for the Change Journey, is unique for each organization. The Map which is based on laws of complexity has 23+ places that symbolize different aspects of change that teams and organizations might need to consider during their journey. For example, some organizations might believe that they have to focus on creating sustainable actions first. Others might want to start with creating trust in teams. Others, in turn, might want to revisit their goal of the change. Only people involved in the change process can answer the question "Where to go next?". This simple question reveals the start of the journey. Once the first steps are defined, change leaders can bring in all their tools to master the specific part of the journey. The Change Journey is neutral when it comes to application of other change methodologies and frameworks. The Map comes along with a set of cards which offer questions for deeper exploration of the places.

We will reveal the Map step by step. Watch out for our upcoming webinars and global workshops. Do you want to be involved?

Watch an Introduction Video

How to Use the Map
Watch the places on the map and explore them individually or collectively, in a small meeting or a large workshop. Good questions are your guides, and for each of the places on the Map, you will find some good questions in our Exploration Cards that come along with the Map.

You might find the following procedure helpful:

1) Have a dialogue about where you are currently on the map. Compare different perspectives of individuals. Adhere to the the principles of The Change Journey.
2) Reflect on where you came from and how you got here. Was it a journey full of pain or full of joy? Was it a planned journey or was the route taken by coincidence?
3) Find common ground on what should be the next destination of your journey.
4) Explore the new destination(s) with the questions you find in the materials section. Find your own questions. Define new places if needed.
5) Define the activities and resources you need for the next step.
6) Repeat the Journey cycle as often as needed and develop your own change strategy. Write this strategy down and make it visible to all. Get feedback from those who were not involved.
7) Agree on a reflection process that helps you to learn from the journey. Adapt your journey along the way.

The Places
There are 23+ places on the Map and some empty spots to define new places. One by one, we will show you all the places, and you will have the chance to define your own ones. So, please make sure that you revisit this page frequently.

The Mall of Human Needs: A place to explore people's aspirations and potential reasons for resistance (added March 1, 2010)

The Laboratory: In the Laboratory, teams create small pilot projects to experiment with new processes, procedures, principles etc. (added March 1, 2010)

The Light House of Common Principles: Share the values that you hold in common for the Journey (added March 1, 2010)

The Arena of Leadership: Define what are the leadership patterns that move your organization forward (added March 2, 2010)

The Gym of Skilly and Capabilities: In the Gym, we identify and grow the essential skills we need for the future.(added March 2, 2010)
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