Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Tweetup Report: The Change Journey

This is the main thread of our 10-tweets training workshop of June 3 on THE CHANGE JOURNEY. We discussed along the lines of some statements I made around change and collaboration. The entire experiment took about one our and can be followed up at TweetGrid. Click on the embedded links to get more information on the background of my statements.

hnauheimer No time for change management: Predicting the economy is more difficult than forecasting weather

lucy2shoes: @hnauheimer experience as enemy of rapid change reminds me of Otto Scharmer on hyper complexity, patterns of the past no longer useful

lucy2shoes: RT @hnauheimer: alternative to change management is tapping the sources of innovation.

hnauheimer Change happens whether welcomed or not. "In times of rapid change, experience could be your worst
enemy.” J. Paul Getty

hnauheimer RT @StephenRCovey We do not see the world as it is; we see the world as we are. Furthermore, our head creates our world

carlplant: @hnauheimer yes and also the questions we ask ourselves or others governs how we describe the world around us, problem vs solution focused!

arnoldbeekes: @hnauheimer new thinking also requires the changing of old beliefs

hnauheimer Change is a mental construct. Organizations need new thinking, co-created in a dialogue:

johankjork: @hnauheimer love this video!! thats how we work with change management radical involvement and inclusion in the future!

arnoldbeekes: The book The Iconoclast talks about new experiences/environment which is needed for a new perspective

hnauheimer “If you’re looking for a role model in a complex world, you could do worse than to imitate a bee”

cj76530: @hnauheimer either imitate a bee … or investigate the tao te ching for ideas

hnauheimer Widen the circle of involvement as much as possible: Connect people to the content and to each other @rtvc_wks

hnauheimer Create encounters where the new thinking may happen (radical inclusion), in physical/virtual spaces

TheTransitioner: Reading conclusions of the real time virtual conference of may 9. @hnauheimer. ?rtvc. Great use of tools. Want to play!

hnauheimer All people have purposes, concerns, circumstances. Being appreciated, they will collaborate:

Maria_G: @hnauheimer If you help others see the "win" for themselves, they stop resisting the change.

lucy2shoes: appreciate each other's intentions, efforts, strengths, engagement .. .. what else?

hnauheimer New leaders embrace self-organization, nurture emergence & increase the system’s requisite variety

hnauheimer In 21st century organizations, people need a new consciousness to serve as leaders as well as supporters

lucy2shoes: @hnauheimer leaders need new collaboration skills too, institutuional sharing of knowledge and ideas as a resource.

TheTransitioner: @Balanor Agree what you say on emergence. the context is balance inside organizations. Following the conversation on#cj01

sheriherndon: Love this question - RT @thetransitioner What is the right balance in between emergence and structure?


Joitske Hulsebosch said...

Hi Holger, I'm curious about your process reflections- maybe a full day would make it easier for people to jump in? I wanted to join, but before I realized it was over :)

Bryan said...

It sure is interesting how we adapt to the new technologies such as Twitter to facilitate discussions about change... when what the technologies do is CHANGE how we operate.

Bryan deSilva

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