Friday, April 3, 2009

Zemanta - the Coolest Application for Bloggers I Have Seen

HoE blogosphere nov 2005Image by Hans on Experience via Flickr

Wonder why since Wednesday my blog posts suddenly have quite a lot of images and links? Wonder how I am able to synchronously post from the Web 2.0 Expo at a high frequency and still have the time to select those images and links? I will tell you the secret.

I was lucky to meet a guy during lunch on Wednesday who was a representative of Zemanta. (John, if you read this post - I lost your business card, please send me an email). He told me about their product which I installed immediately. Zemanta is a plug-in for Mozilla Firefox which integrates into most blogging softwares. While you are blogging, it suggests you images related to key words that you use or names of people that you mention. So, for example when I mention Tim O'Reilly here, you see some photos and even videos of him popping up at the right (look at the screen shot below). If the suggested selection of images is not to your taste, you can do a keyword search. I looked for images related to the word "blogosphere". For each photo, the plug-in provides information about the type of copyright license related to that image. Zemanta also suggests links (see below), which on click are connected with the subject (you can see that I actually accepted the proposed links for 'Zemanta', 'Tim O'Reilly', 'plug-in' and 'Web 2.0 Expo'. For popular keywords, the software suggests again a selection of links.

Below the links you will find a selection of tags, and again, I accepted three of them (highlighted in orange). Next, Zemanta suggests other blogs articles that might be related to your subject (I selected a BBC article with an interview of Tim O'Reilly.

Finally, Zemanta inserts a function at the bottom of your article which makes it easy for other bloggers to use your material and reblog in their blogs. Try it out, it is so cool and increases the joy of blogging.

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mel said...

I use Zemanta and I really like it.

David Bergeron said...

Pretty cool..I will give it a try.

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