Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Year of the Mobile Computer, and the Future

Image representing Nokia as depicted in CrunchBaseImage via CrunchBase

Anssi Vanjoki (VP of Nokia) talks about the future of the mobile Internet. He refers to the start of the mobile telephone system. 1990 they predicted that by 2000 25% of the OECD population would have a mobile - it turned out to be 60%. In 2015 everything will refer to a person and a context - if chose to share this information. This is not only about geographical but also about social information. As I heard already heard yesterday, where ever you stand, your GPS functionality in your mobile will identify where you are and can send you/others information about this location. Sounds a lot like Orwellian phantasy, isn't? Yes and no. As I have been preaching over the last months: the Internet calls us to develop a new responsibility about ourselves and others (what actually do we want to share?). As Anssi says - The consumer is the decision maker.

Under the scenario, the map becomes the interface. We will touch the map of where we are (on our moblies) and it will give us all kind of information about that place. "We will be living in the media. We will extend our lives and souls to the Internet. This will make our life richer."

Want to see a glimpse of the future? Look at theis Nokia video on possibilities to merge nanotechnology and mobile technology.

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