Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Power of Less

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I am currently just writing down information as they come along. I will certainly write a wrap up once the conference is over. So, here is another short wrap up.

Tim O'Reilly is giving a talk of Web 2.0 5 years down the road. What's next? The Web is learning. Google has launched an pplication for the iPhone which has increased speech recognition and can connect what you are talking about, e.g. looking for the next Pizza Parlour and pulls out information. Mobilizy can identify historical objects you photograph with your cell phone and pulls out Wikipedia information about this object. So, the understanding web is becoming a reality whether you call it semantic web or else.

Web 2.0 + World = WebSquare

The Power of Less

We need Moore's Law to apply to the world's great problems. Tim gives a wide range of examples how the Web 2.0 can lead to less corporate and government spending. Electricity grids can become more intelligent through using techniques of crowdsourcing. Further; the idea of Government 2.0 is being discussed widely in the US; clinical surveys of pharmaceutical are being transferred to the Web as well.
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