Wednesday, April 1, 2009

First Encounters at the Web 2.0 Expo in San Francisco: Some apps...

Just flew into San Francisco and went straight into a meeting of German Chamber of Trade and Commerce - a meeting of about 60 Germany affine folks - start ups, a couple of Ministry people, established companies, quite a mixture. We are listening to four minutes pitches of a couple of small companies:

Alexander Köplin introduces Twinity which is a Second Life based virtual environment but based on real cities such as Berlin, Singapore, London and soon New York City. Those of you who long to come to Berlin can have a first look there at the city walk around virtually and have a look at the sites but also visit the hottest clubs.

Doodle - I guess you all know. Doodle is a simple and highly efficient application to agree on event with a group that might be dispersed around the world. It is one of my standard applications.

Aperture I yet have to understand. Seems to be a tool that helps you to integrate multimedia into your blogs.

Dabbleboard is an application I came across already. It is a whiteboard application which seems to be for online collaboration.

Next is Twittbook a new search engine for Twitter feeds. They are trying to integrate LinkeIn profiles. They are just starting and I am not sure that it will add a lot of value, but I will try...

The jetlag is getting me. Need to find my hotel. More on Wednesday...

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