Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Real Time Virtual Collaboration Workshop

What tools and principles do we need to help change to unfold? Social and technological development as means for better organizations, and a better world.

Join an experiment of virtual collaboration.

This is an experiment in virtual collaboration. On May 9, 2009, from 14.00-17.00 GMT (please check your local time here), we will host the world's largest Real Time Virtual Collaboration Workshop. The workshop will be based on the self-organization principles of Large Systems Change Methods like Bar Camps, World Café, Open Space Technology, etc. and will be facilitated applying different collaboration technologies such as Voice-over-IP, messaging tools, micro blogs etc.

Although we have a certain structure and procedure in mind, this is work in progress, and if you have a passion for this, we encourage you to join the steering group. Just drop us a note in the forum below and we get in touch with you.

During the Real Time Virtual Collaboration Workshop, this page will be the central place where the agenda will be created. Also, this is a place for documentation.We will post the instructions later on.

For the time being, please register here and join our pre-conference discussion

Here is an update on what has happened so far:

Since we had the first call for the conference, more than 50 people have registered and we have formed an organizers committee to brainstorm and set up the main facilities. Here are our latest ideas:

This is the concept which is unfolding (work in progress):

a) we will have to create a very simple interface which will be the meeting place. Here, the agenda of the conference will be posted (on a wiki or a whiteboard), this is where participants can get advice from tool hosts, i.e. people who specialize to answer questions on application of certain tools. This is also the place where everybody can go to meet and join an open discussion - kind of coffee break room.

b) our team will propose a set of standard tools which everybody can refer to. This will probably consist of
- wikis for the agenda and for notifications
- chat rooms
- Skype (for one-to-one chat, group chat and voice-over-IP conversations)
- Twitter for communicating with the outside world in real time
- personal journals in which participants can post the summary of their group discussions

c) we will all start building our agenda before the conference starts. At the beginning of the conference, participants have the opportunity to add topics and suggest virtual breakout rooms according to their preferences.

d) we will encourage participants to use other platforms for joint learning and exploration. For example, it could be that a group of participants decides "let us build a photo story around a certain issue of interest" and off they go to search photo databases. People search blogs or other websites for certain information, and then return to a discussion forum (this could be a chat room or Skype or whatever).

e) participants will take responsibility to document their results on a platform that we provide, or in their personal blogs.

f) we promise to keep everything as simple as possible. However, some explanation will be required and we will produce a short video before hand to outline the main procedure of the conference.


Sharon WIlson said...

Sounds like an interesting and valuable venture.

Simon said...

Tried to register but your Moodle is not accepting my valid email address (simon.brookes@gmail.com).



Suresh said...

I would be interested in getting involved on a steering committee for this project.

I have been actively researching mass collaboration/open system collaboration processes and tools.

See http://docs.google.com/Doc?id=dc4gbgsj_25hqc96xt3&hl=en, for a report that I wrote on the topic.

I can be reached at suresh@strat-insight.com.

Suresh Fernando
WEBSITE: http://www.strat-insight.com
BLOG: http://sureshfernando.wordpress.com
TWITTER: http://twitter.com/sureshf
WIKI: http://technologyandsocialchange.wetpaint.com

Olasofia said...

excellent! Count me in. Will love to get involved to help with steering. Just had an illuminating experience using online tools to host a good deal of Open Space online, using google docs (for the marketplace), a wiki, and twitter. Meant that the harvest starts to self-organise. This is all very exciting.

carl plant said...

I would like to be involved in the development of this project, if I can tie this in to my many other projects ;-) I may be of some use!

abdurahman ame said...

it is good to be part of innovation in innovation

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