Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Participants' Voices

Here are a few participants' voices:

This is what a Thai participant wrote as a reflection:

The power of passion

Most people tend to believe that to achieve a constructive and fruitful discussion you need an organised framework. Until this morning, I belonged to this group of people.

On the first day, our facilitator talked about the importance of passion and responsibility. Just today, I realized how powerful it could be if someone is passionate about something. It’s empowering when people who share the same passion get to talk and share ideas with each other.

I came to realize that passion actually inspires people to take responsibility, and that we do not always need a set framework or assigned resource person to achieve a fruitful discussion. We can be each other’s resource persons.

The most important thing is “passion’

It’s a human nature that when we are passionate about something, we are driven to act and take responsibility.

There is a German saying “Liebe kann Berge versetzen,” which means love can move mountains.

What I learned today was that when it comes to work, passion can move mountains of obstacles and clear the way for success.

Another participant wrote:

Having participated myself in three different rounds of discussion which only took about an hour each, it became apparent that all of those issues were in fact closely related. During all discussions, it first seemed as if the groups were entering other groups’ themes or that some were promoting the topic of other discussion rounds. However, a little while later it became apparent that the whole aim of the exercise would inevitably lead to systemic thinking. This proved the enormous value of Open Space Technology for the FNF Asia team.

Regardless of whether we discussed the issue of adequate branding of FNF in Asia, whether we wanted to clarify the culturally adequate way of communicating liberal values, or whether we addressed the specific role of religion in the advocacy of liberal values, in all these discussions the systemic interdependency within the organization became amply apparent.

We have learned to use a wonderful tool for organizational development that we can apply in our programme work in our respective project countries. Meanwhile we have also strengthened our capacity to learn from our colleagues and to appreciate their wisdom in matters that are also close to our heart.

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