Sunday, February 15, 2009

Mugabe's Birthday List

Hey, in case you are interested, here is the wish list for Robert Mugabe's 85th birthday (from Times Online):

2,000 bottles of champagne — Moët & Chandon and ’61 Bollinger
500 bottles of whisky — Johnny Walker Blue Label, 22-year-old Chivas
8,000 lobsters
100kg king prawns
3,000 ducks
4,000 portions of caviar
8,000 boxes of Ferrero Rocher
16,000 eggs
3,000 cakes — chocolate and vanilla
4,000 packs of pork sausages
500kg cheese
4,000 packets of crackers

(Cholera medicines were not spotted on the list)

You might donate (at a minimum of US$ 45,000).

Anybody who wants to wish Bob a Happy Birthday and a Long Life?

Photo by Gregor Rohrig at Flickr (CC licensed)

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