Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Day 2 of Workshop on Democracy in Asia: Opening the Space

On Day 2 we shifted the gears. We started with reports from yesterday

Here you can listen to a podcast which was generated by another group on the topic of how you can use podcasts in promotion of democracy. I like the notion that "with the dissemination of MP3-Players, podcasts are a lifestyle issue".

We prepared the Open Space together, using the wonderful task cardset of Michael M Pannwitz. went into Open Space, which I opened in the classical way that Harrison Owen has described 20 years ago. Our theme was:

Increasing the Impact of Our Work: Promoting Freedom and Responsibility in Asia

Like always, it took a few minutes until 26 people have found 18 topics they were passionate about:

  • How to make "politics" interesting to attract the youth?
  • How to imporve right of expression in the region?
  • How to increase "responsibility" in our society?
  • How to further promote our brand (of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation?
  • How to make our country "unity"?
  • How to organize an interactive (interesting) conference?
  • How to strengthening and spreading liberalism in the region?
  • How to do a nice blog?
  • Which message can persuade people of liberal values
  • What medium for what message?
  • Optimize use of new media, make use of technology (Mac) less intimidating?
  • To have frequent skills training in the region
  • How to improve my technical knowledge?
  • Is a one fits it all approach politically suitable for every county in the region?
  • Contiune to build and promote local elite
  • How to overcome authoritarian attitude of people?
  • How to produce a popular video for promoting democracy
  • Shall we ignore or integrate religiouls values in our liberal advocacy?
  • How to improve IAF alumni participation?
  • How to change myself?
We had three slots of 1 hour each, interrupted by a delicious Indian meal in the 26th floor of our hotel. By the way - here is a little bit of promotion: The Rembrandt Hotel in Soi 18 Sukhumvit is a great hotel for conventions. The staff is very experienced and flexible. The downside - like in many Asian hotels is that our large room does not have any daylight - quite tiresome.

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