Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Email problems!

Because of the move of our company to a new address, we missed the last invoice of our provider. Great! Email and website accounts suspended; two hours of productive time lost and emotional turmoil. These are the days when I wish to be back to technological stoneage. I hope my email wil work again in a few hours meanwhile you can use my h.nauheimer at Gmail account to contact me.

I should really think of using Gmail as a standard, as many of my colleagues do, and have the POP3 and Outlook as a backup. This would mean a real paradigm shift for me - using Google calendar, email, and other things and finally shifting my activities even more to the Web (as I described a few days ago). That would finally mean walking the talk, doing what I preach.

For some strange reason, I still insisted too much on offline work instead of using all the web services that are now available. Still, my question remains - am I moving from one technological dependency (to my POP3 account provider) to another one (to the almighty Google)? What if one day Google does not work anymore, for a day, or a week, or for ever? Or all my old email communication is lost in cyberspace? Can we trust one company so much?

Back to work!

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