Wednesday, December 3, 2008

How Municipalities Should Integrate Social Media Into Disaster Planning

Jeremiah, a blogger from San Francisco, has written an interesting reflection on the role of social media during Mumbai bombings and other tragedies, and what municipal / regional / national / global planners can learn from it:
Social tools allow both true and false information to be rapidly communicated from sources in real time from anyone using a mobile device. During disasters this both enables and detracts emergency response... Local governments, authorities, and response teams should understand how these social tools work, learn how to integrate into disaster response, and evaluate how they will use them during an emergency.

For all who are in pre and post-disaster work, I really recommed this excellent article with a 5-steps strategy and some interesting comments which add to the article. Like I said before, social change is much slower than technological change, so I assume the issue is less the technology than the implementation in agencies and authorities which are notorious for being conservative and change resistant.

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