Friday, November 21, 2008

Change Leadership Products

We had a good discussion in our management team yesterday evening. We defined our product portfolio for companies who need support to navigate through crisis:

- Change Skills
- Virtual Leadership Coaching
- Team Dialogue
- Scenario Writing
- Corporate Karate
- Co-Creation of Strategies

More details:

Change Skills. We equip human resources with the most essential set of capabilities that are required to understand and to manage change—in individuals, teams and entire organizations.

Virtual Leadership Coaching. Our change facilitators are available to support decision making and leadership development. We do that by applying online communication tools.

Team Dialogue. We facilitate—virtually and face to face—dialogue sessions in order to change conversation styles in organizations and to align teams around common purposes.

Scenario Writing. We help organizations look beyond the uncertainty and see how the future unfolds in front of them.

Corporate Karate. We strengthen the imagination and the readiness to go through tough times through simulation games.

Co-Creation of Strategies. We design and implement strategies for utilizing the only resource an organization has in times of crisis—the hearts and minds of their employees

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Photo: Miss Turner on Flickr (Creative Commons licensed)

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