Saturday, November 8, 2008

CFAN Regional Gathering in Amsterdam (2) - Change Monitor

More interesting inputs at the second day of the CFAN Regional Gathering in Amsterdam. Kilian Bennebroek van Gravenhorst talks about the Change Monitor - monitoring change. This is the background:

This is the classical change management approach:
- collection of information
- define problems / opportunities / challenges
- define goals / direction / visions (e.g. improvement of customer service)
- establish criteria for improvement
- implementation of change
- evaluation

Connected with that usually are steering and managing mechanisms, the design of a strategy including phasing and timing, participation etc.

Monitoring of the process usually involves looking at
- what has happened
- results
- resistance
- what goes wrong
- what worked well

Research shows that this is hardly ever done. The question is: can you do a plan for monitoring as well.

We collected ideas from participants of how we actually do monitor change processes:
- output measurement
- discussion with employees (either in groups or with individuals)
- feedback process about learning or feelings
- self-monitoring systems in teams (observation techniques, interview techniques)
- document analysis (e.g. objective system, impact evaluation)
- AI questions (content and person)
- checking key performance indicators / dashbords
- semin-structured / structured questionnaires
- etc.

The Change Monitor is a qualitative and quantitative methodology based on survey feedback - SF:
- systematic investigation with a questionnaire
- questions about: the organization, the change process, the change strategy
- results are discussed with all participants
- prticipants develop ideas for improvement

The process:
- investigation possibilities for the intervention
- preparatory work with monitoring group
- questionaires are filled out. The intention is to involve at least 50% members of each discussion groups
- interpretation of results in groups
- improvement of the change process

The process focuses on content and process of change. It further looks at perspectives of different groups / management levels on the quality of the change process (dialogue / develomental / planned / power / negotiation.

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