Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Still at Nexus: Peter Block on Communal Transformation

Peter Block, author of books like Flawless Consulting and The Answer to How is Yesgives us an entertaining afternoon, speaking on community transformation.

Peter about elements of convening

  • Leadership is about convening capacity
  • Subsitute curiosity for advice
  • There are no answeres. Everybody who offers you an answer wants to sell you something
  • Transformation is based on a platform of relatedness
  • Ask groups not to report their findings but what strucks them

Peter about stories

  • Some stories are more powerful
  • "Even the past is unpredictable"
  • "I was born and I made the rest of it up" - it is all a social construction

"Those large change efforts that were successful and sustainable started slow, small and underfunded. So when you want to be successful as a change manager, as for lots of time, a small project and only some bread crumbs of money."

"I desparately look for clients who don't need me. That's were I learn a lot."

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