Thursday, March 27, 2008

My Story into a Conference (4): Revisting 2007

Today, I am research trends that emerged in 2007 with regards to Web 2.0 . While the term itself was coined in 2004 by Tim O'Reilly and O'Reilly Media, the concept took off in 2006 and 2007, thanks to the publication of books like Wikinomics, The Long Tail, The Google Story, etc, and thanks to a global marketing campaign by O'Reilly Media. While the early adopters, and those on which the Web 2.0 already emerged in the late ninties, the real story began with the explosion of the new market of collaborative platforms such as MySpace, YouTube, Flickr, Xing, LinkedIn, etc.. This was further fueled by the availability of software that allowed mashups such as Google Maps and other social collaboration tools such as tags, wikis, blogs. Read more...

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