Monday, March 3, 2008

Is Change Management About Happiness?

John posted an interesting question on LinkedIn:

CHANGE MANAGEMENT: Is happiness our ultimate goal?

When we participate in change management, I would assume that we want the outcome to be happy. But what do we mean. Please comment on whether one or more of the possible meanings of happiness listed below is the ultimate goal you seek when managing change.
A. Wealth
B. Honors
C. Fame
D. Power
E. Health
F. Pleasure
G. Goodness
H. A living being
I. Other (please explain)

Thanks in advance for participating. John Darrouzet

Many of the respondents said that Change Management is NOT ABOUT HAPINESS. I object. Read more...

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Greg Krauska said...

I believe the objective of change is to create success. In that sense, it is subjective and situational.

For example, if I own a firm and want to create a family-like, fun culture in my organization, then perhaps happiness is consistent. However, if I am trying to initiate a change initiative that will enable my firm to be acquired within 3 years, then the changes necessary to meet that objective may have little to do with happiness.

In fact, if I love the firm I am selling, but wish to fuel other passions, I may experience great loss, even though I am now able to fuel other goals.

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