Sunday, January 6, 2008

Barak Obama's Change Message

Happy New Year. I am back, after a long winter holiday and I plan to resume blogging in the frequency and quality as I have been doing before.

The overarching theme early this year is of course the presidential race in the US. Over here in Europe, more and more people bet on Obama because they believe that time for change in America is overdue. There is too much unfinished business in the US that Clinton - as a part of the establishment - cannot tackle (Iraq, environment, health and tax reforms, economy). More...


Diane Flynn said...

I think Obama is the real deal when it comes to change - he has clear plans on what he wants to do, he can connect those ideas with the majority of people, and he has the leadership skills and experience to work with people to make things happen. As a former practice lead in this area for a public sector consulting company, I would hire him as a change manager!!

It's quite disingenuous for Mrs Clinton to suggest that he's all talk. Hopefully people will see through her.

PS Welcome back!!

Anonymous said...

This is an important discussion that I'd like to participate in, as one with change management experience in the corporate world.

I believe Obama does offer an opportunity of hope for change, but as we all know culture always beats out desire. In order to truly bring about lasting change in the US, Obama will need to make a compelling case with the American voters and those who represent us in Congress. Without convincing Republicans that their role has to be as co-creators of policy and spending that serves the greater good, and not just the wealthy who donate to their campaigns, Obama's change strategy will fail.

What we've seen too much in the US is "playing defense", defending against change in order to keep the dollars flowing for re-election. Those of us who practice change management know that the first "targets" of any change must be the leaders who we'll need to carry out (support, move) the change. Can Obama be successful in moving Congressional leaders and others in the direction away from war and back to support of the middle class? I suppose it depends on who he will have working for him and the kind of people who will be part of the next Congress.

We must both hope that the message of change continues to have traction, and plan a strategy to take the talk of change to the next level when the opportunity presents.

Anonymous said...

Hi - I am in charge of delivering a Hospital Information System in a country far far away. we came here because we were googling "Change Management" and Obama is all about change.
Thus, is it fair to say - that we should introduce change management to our users , by gathering them all at one place and saying "YES WE CAN"

Anonymous said...

Obama shoud use OLD versus NEW instead of change.
OLD are te financial institutes that do'nt work. OLD is McCain. OLD versus NEW is positive, change merely says you dislike the current situation. OLD versus NEW you cannot McCain cannot copy like Change. Because he is OLD and never can play the NEW guy. Amaricans shoud admid that their capitalism and democracy (the OLD) should change. That's a hard thing for OLD people and figter pilots that build america. But building it doesn't give the right to bring america down by repeating old dreams.

Anonymous said...

McCain 100% negative adds tells us he has no vision. These statesman are dangerous. When McCain whould be president he will also seek negative war solutions. Only bad leaders and regimes run negative adds and solution. Because they have no real solutions

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