Monday, August 20, 2007

Today in Other Blogs

I am back from holidays (short ones...) and resume blogging. Today, I start with a review on what other bloggers have posted today (or recently).

Steve Roesler (All Things Workplace) thinks about a mid-term career change. Besides, he introduces quite an interesting version of what I used to call Bandura's Learning Curve, and what he calls Ladder of Learning Mastery. I like his version much better than the one I used. Thanks, Steve (will use it from now on in seminars with attribution). More...


Steve Pashley said...

Hi Holger,

Thanks for including me in your round-up (and for drawing my attention to the other blogs). I look forward to reading your future posts on a regular basis.


Maria said...

Thanks for the mention, Holger. I look forward to reading through this great list of material.

Steve Roesler said...

Thank you, Holger, for visiting the site and mentioning the article.

I look forward to keeping up with your activities on my RSS reader!

Best regards,


Joe Raasch said...


Thank you for stopping by and including the Happy Burro! I am going to keep your blog on my regular 'read' list - what a great resource!

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