Monday, August 27, 2007

Energy8 training & accreditation in Berlin

Energy8 training & accreditation hosted by Rik Berbé, on Monday, November 5

The Energy8 tool gives fast and thorough insight into the complexity of organisations. Releasing the deepest 'energy' levels. The tool is extremely powerful initiating collective learning in teams, departments or organisations. It gives a solid base for starting a dialogue and creating awareness within an organisation, cross departmental or between teams.

The Energy8 tool is based on eight archetypical systems or identities, leading to more than one hundred different systemic patterns. Creating collective insight into these patterns will help people understand what the organisation is, what drives the organisation and how they can further develop.

Participation Fees for Energy8 accreditation and training:
Associates: € 450 EUR
Non-Associates: € 900 (ex VAT)
More information about Energy8:

Interested to particpate?
Contact Henrieta Karolova, or register at

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