Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Community of Change Management Bloggers is Growing (2)

You know the phenomenon: You are getting yourself a new car and you have chosen a particular one, let's say a yellow Beetle, because it is so unique. Once you have the car, all you see is yellow Beetles. Pregnant women is a similar phenomenon. I didn't see many Change Management Blogs until recently. But suddenly, the web is full of them. More...


Dr. Lauchlan A. K. Mackinnon said...

Holger, thank you for your link to my blog Think Differently!! at http://lauchlanmackinnon.blogspot.com.

In case you are not already aware of it, another blog on Change Management that I subscribe to is Luc Gallopin's at


Incidentally, I'm a guy - "Lauchlan" is a male Scottish name, but I'm in Australia.

Keep up the good work on your blog!

Kind regards,

Lauchlan Mackinnon

Dr. Lauchlan A. K. Mackinnon said...


I should mention that I have also reviewed the work of other 'gurus' - e.g. Malcolm Gladwell, John Kotter, William Bridges. In these cases however I focused on specific works rather than their program of work as a whole.

I'd be interested to hear who people would like a 'guru review' of next.

Lauchlan Mackinnon

Maria said...

Thank you for the link, Holger! I too was surprised by how few change management blogs there are. It's great that you are helping to connect us together.

PRWPMP said...

Thanks as well for the link Holger!

I've been working on that font color/size thing for awhile. GoDaddy's blog tool isn't friendly with certain browsers.

By the way, I really did enjoy "Our Iceberg Is Melting"...I was just trying to make a point. ;-)

Paul Williams

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