Monday, July 9, 2007

Worldwide OpenSpace-Online® Real-Time Conference on Open Space Technology

This report reaches us from Gabriela Ender, the Creator and CEO of OpenSpace-Online®:

A large international group of Open Space Technology (OST = face-to-face Open Space) Practitioners from around the globe look back to a fantastic worldwide real-time Internet community gathering. Together with Harrison Owen (discoverer of OST) and other international co-inviters, Gabriela Ender (inventor and CEO of OpenSpace-Online®) had invited to a 4hour Worldwide OpenSpace-Online Real-Time Internet Conference on Open Space Technology (OST) with the title: "OST: What have we learned and where can it lead us next?" On June 30th/July 1st, 2007 almost 100 OST colleagues and friends from 25 countries joined this unique worldwide event. All participants at the same time and all from a different location, region, country and continent. Some attended from a sofa, a summer cottage or even from a dock on a lake. More...

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