Monday, May 7, 2007

A Web Community on World Change is one of the thousands new online communities that have been created over the last two years. It is one particular which deserves critical observation and follow-up.

That is what they write about themselves:
Today as citizens of the world, we face a daunting array of social and environmental problems ranging from health care and civil rights to global warming and economic inequality. For each of these issues, whether local or global in scope, there are millions of people who care passionately about working toward a solution but have no way of connecting with each other to advance a common goal. aims to transform social activism by serving as the central platform that connects likeminded people, whatever their interests, and enables them to exchange information, share ideas, and collectively act to address the issues they care about.

To augment the power of the grassroots networks that develop through, we help connect these networks to the many nonprofit organizations that are already working to advance worthy causes around the world - over 1 million in total. We facilitate dialogue and collaboration by creating a social network around each nonprofit, thereby allowing people to participate in ways never before possible - by posting ideas and suggestions, engaging in direct dialogue, and organizing communities of donors, volunteer events, and rallies.

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Anonymous said...

This community is intriguing, but still new and very small. Compare to Care2 (, which has been around for many years already and now boasts 7 million members and thousands of discussion groups, and many "e-alerts" about causes such as human rights, peace, children, women, environment and animal welfare. (I subscribe to three of these e-alerts, and I am grateful for them; they keep me alerted to ways I can help.) Care2 also has a news network that seems to be modeled on, and I have started getting these news items via RSS. Care2 also has click-to-donate races, and a lot of healthy living content. Plus they have a petition site with lots of activity, etc. (Can you tell I really like these people and their website?) Care2 already works with hundreds of nonprofit organisations -- including Oxfam, Amnesty and other ones that I care about -- that are always mobilizing large quantities of Care2 members via petition campaigns, mostly, to pass new U.S. laws or stop bad proposals from becoming law, and to hold corporations accountable for bad behaviour. Care2 also recruits volunteers to join these nonprofit organisations. So Care2 already seems to be making powerful changes in the world, and I thought you might want to know this very wonderful online community of "do-gooders."

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