Friday, May 4, 2007

Two New Picks from the Web

Friday evening, nice spring weather, balcony, a good Spanish red wine (Viña del Sió, 2005), my favourite jazz radio station (Lider FM, Baku, Azerbeidjan, you really have to listen to it if you like Jazz) and my notebook on my lap: I am enjoying a new ride through the Internet, looking for what's cool. Here are two suggestions that you should follow up:

Jane's E-Learning Pick of the Day: a daily item of e-learning interest selected by Jane Hart. This is a nice blog with lots of good ideas and hints about emerging e-learning tools and tendencies.

InPowr: a web platform for self-exploration and discovery that helps you plan, play and progress in every area of life, and all online. This is a great tool based on the World Health Organization definition of health, years of research into developmental psychology and the experience of a Master Olympic Coach. You need to create an account, but it is worth.

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