Friday, May 25, 2007

Open Space in Process

Of course I cannot speak for anyone else, but I'm in process now. I didn't come with too many expectations to this event, or so I thought, and probably not quite as prepared to be surprised as I should have been. Nothing much has happened yet, and that's kind of the problem I have.
Everything I've done in terms of events over the past year has yielded meaningful conversations lasting well into the night and great friendships. More...


Holger Nauheimer said...

Andrew, thanks for your posting. What you observe resonates with me. It sounds like similar comments of the last OSonOSs. What is wrong? Is something wrong? How can we move foreward if we believe that Open Space is a way to be and to work?

Andrew Ballance said...

Last night I would have said this: it's not over yet. It's all part of the process and the struggle of being present each and every time, of taking an active rather than facilitative role.
Today, I've heard some new perspectives on 'the way to be' that I need to reflect on. Watch this space!! :)

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