Thursday, May 24, 2007

Changing the Way the World Sees the US

Now this is a challenge (for me and maybe for you)...

Few days ago, I was sitting at Karachi airport, departing from a country which is a strong ally to the US in the war against terror and at the same time one of the increasing number of countries in which the US isn't popular - mildly speaking. This is not about discussing US politics (not now...). But it is interesting to analyze the growing global aversion against the US from a systemic viewpoint. Obviously, in many countries of Western Europe and the Middle East it is politically not correct to be pro-American, unless you are the German Chancellor. Serious enough, you can say this is more of a personal issue if you look at European-American relationships (many Europeans like to travel to the US), it gets explosive when you look at the relationships between people of Middle East or other Muslim dominated countries and the US, with obvious global impacts. More...

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