Wednesday, April 4, 2007

CFAN: The Global Gathering Has Started!

Today, on April 4, 40 folks from all over the world gathered in the romantic castle of Mojmirovce, Slovakia to redefine how we can cooperate to explore, create and celebrate change. The meeting has the motto: "From Exploring to Co-Creating". Already, the Change Facilitation Associates Network (CFAN), which was created in 2005, has more than 35 corporate and individual members from all parts of the world.

The map shows the places from where people travelled to Mojmirovce (red pins) and the other CFAN members who couldn't make it to the Global Gathering. You might check the agenda of the meeting. We will be reporting life...

Today we started in Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia. After a good Slovak lunch we went to see the historical old city, a gem stone of European Baroque architecture.

Bratislava, old city (Photo taken by alias65 in Flickr)

In the evening, we transferred to the venue of our Gathering, and we are just about to commence our meeting with an informal gathering around cocktails. Check in regularly.

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