Thursday, March 1, 2007

Research on the Future of Organizations

Jan Jonker (right) and Marco de Witte (left) from the Nijmegen School of Management in The Netherlands have started an exciting experiment: They want to write a book on the future of organizations. You might ask, what is exciting about writing a book? Well, they have decided not to write it on their own but in a collaborative project: everybody who is interested and competent can contribute to the book. This is what they write about their project:

"This project was set out with the ambition to provide a coherent and innovative line of thinking that provides direction for the future of organizational development. We want to develop this line of thinking in a book based on input by MBA students and researchers from around the world.

Organizations are in the midst of the process of transformation moving away form functional structures towards a portfolio of processes and projects. This has unforeseen impacts on the emerging change."

Find out more about the project at


Lawrence Wasserman said...

Future of Organizations. I am working in mobile technology including mobile applications for training and learning as part of KE. Would be interested in this topic area be included in future book. Poosibly contributor.

Regards, Dr. Lawrence

Ypschita said...

Hi! I have written couple of articles on ERP and change management. I am a part time doctorate student doing my research on the Indian Power Sector apart for working as a ERP Business Systems Analyst in a Pharma Co. I would like to contribute for this book if found eligible.


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