Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Pre-Nexus Thoughts from Peggy Holman

Peggy was generous enough to chat with me for a few minutes this afternoon. Her energy was exciting, and as she said, the conference has extraordinary potential to be a watershed in this field.

Peggy has bold and ambitious aspirations for the event - she says there is no point in thinking small! People are bringing wide ranges of expectations, and her personal hope is that the Nexus creates a space big enough to explore all aspects of the field and its potential, as well as the practical aspects so that a broader difference can be made in all settings. More...

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Nancy White said...

Hey Jess, great nexus blog post. If you want, tag it "nexusforchange" and then the post will flow into the website. To tag, email me and I can send you the code. Blogger won't let me paste it in. Or find me here in BG! nancyw at fullcirc dot com

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