Thursday, March 29, 2007

Global Change Facilitation Dictionary & Glossary

As Bernd has reported a few days ago, we are now ready to show the beta version of the Global Change Facilitation Dictionary & Glossary. Have a look at it. It is far from completed, and it will move from its present postion ( to another, permanent place soon.

Bernd Weber and Mike Kralik have worked quite hard during the last weeks to get
this beta version of the Global Change Facilitation Dictionary running. They got material from the Open Space Dictionary and filled in quite some text in English, German and Portuguese.

We now want to translate the interface texts (not necessary all the terms included in the dictionary) into all kinds of languages. Feel free to have a look at the actual result. We have now 246 word in three languages. I hope, you like it, not so much because of its actual content, but because of its capacity to become a node in the emerging network for knowledge management of the Global Change Facilitator community. It is inteded to become a vessel for easy, fast and intuitively entered contents of people who think about the meaning of the words, they use in their professional practice.

So, our actual problem is, that we need urgent translations of the frame texts - not all the words. Here is the job: if you master a different language than German, English and Portuguese, would you volunteer to translate 3,5 pages of text? We need the text during the next 2 weeks. Please let me know if you are interested and willing to help.

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