Friday, March 16, 2007

David Snowden and Cognitive Edge

David Snowden is one of these persons who do not care a lot of what other people think about him. That makes him a very controversial person. But, as we know, controversial persons bring about development. I have great respect for him and I just discovered that his organization has renamed their organization and their website. He writes a cool blog, which I just added to my favourite blog list. While it used to be Cynefin (according to Wikipedia, the name ‘Cynefin’ is a Welsh word whose literal translation into English as habitat or place fails to do it justice), the name of the organization is now Cognitive Edge. More...

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Dave Snowden said...

Thanks Otto, I am flattered. However one correction. NLP is I think dangerous and has no proper scientific basis. However AI is not crap, it is a good technique when you need to turn around a group who have got stuck in a deep negativity in the stories they tell. However it is very poor as a disclosure and learning technique for the same reason. It privileges a certain type of story, rather than allowing people to tell the authentic stories of their own experience. It also puts too much emphasis on the facilitator: which may be why facilitators like it so much :-)

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