Thursday, February 8, 2007

Welcome to Change Management Blog

Change is a fact of life. On the positive side, change may be seen as akin to opportunity, rejuvenation, progress, innovation, and growth. But just as legitimately, change can also be seen as instability, upheaval, unpredictability, a threat, and disorientation.

The concept of change management describes a structured approach to transitions in individuals, teams, organizations and societies that moves the target from a current state to a desired state. Stated simply, change management is a process for managing the people-side of change. The most recent research points to a combination of organizational change management tools and individual change management models for effective change to take place.

Are you personally ready for change? Is your team in serious need of new ways to work together? How can your organization deal with a change project which lacks focus or direction? Do you want to know why change is inevitable but hard to achieve? Do you want to surf on the waves of change? This blog, together with Change Management Toolbook, will try to provide answers for all your questions.

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Pascal said...

Great idea to start a blog. I firmly believe this will even more increare the value of the change facilitation network (CFAN)!

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