Friday, February 9, 2007


Original Article by Dee Hock
Adaptation by Gilbert Brenson-Lazan

Dee Hock is founder and coordinating director of the Chaordic Alliance. He is also founder and CEO emeritus of both Visa USA and Visa International, now a $1.25 trillion enterprise jointly owned by more than 20,000 financial institutions. He is a laureate in the Business Hall of Fame. This article appears as part of "The Art of Chaordic Leadership". More...


dulce_maria.kamaleo said...

Your comment about chaordic leadership trigger the following thoughts to me: freedom to choose, self responsability and beyond... thanks for sharing this! Looking forward to dialogue with you and others in this forum.

Pascal said...

It is simply incredible to see how many people actually blame the system and expect it to change (for the better) by itself. Very few people actually see themselves as part of the system. Even less see themselves a being response-ABLE as Stephen Covey likes to put it.

Kaustubh said...

We need to change ourself first in order to be a part of any change..
Chaordic organization mean self organizing, self governed and self responsible. There are not many organizations today in the world exists which are based on Chaordic or CAS (Complex Adaptive Systems) organizations. But there is a great need to change current organizations structure and values..

There are many ways on how to change the organization system and Chaordic and CAS are one of them..

Till date several researchers are examining how an understanding of Chaordic and Complex Adaptive System theory can be applied to business.

Although theoretical understandings of CAS are just beginning to gain acceptance, Businesses have started to implement CAS theory in real business world. Few CAS examples to quote are: Stock Market, Economies, Organizations, Universities etc.

More information on how CAS is practically applied to Business and how CAS based business is being developed, visit the website:

Andrey said...

I'd say Chaordic Change requires not only Chaordic Leadership, but whole different Chaordic Mentality not only on behalf of Leaders, but every Agent wihtin the System. It means shifting thinking from your own benefit to thinking about wellbeing of Community in which you coexist.

Andrey Shovkoplyas
Founder & CEO

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