Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Change Journey Starts Today

Today is the day of the official inauguration of the Change Journey.

Vesa Purokuru and I have worked for the last year to present you this meta model to change processes. It does not replace any other model or tool - it incorporates the entire wisdom and knowledge that exists on the dynamics of change processes.

What will happen today
Become a member of the crew at www.changejourney.org.
At 15.00 CET / 10 AM EST, we will have a 20-30 minutes short web introduction on the map concept. If you want to join, please write me an email at holger@change-facilitation.org.
Over the entire day, I will be twittering (#changejourney), facebooking, adding to various blogs, expanding the text base of this website, etc. You are invited to join me by giving your inputs.
Please join this community and also become a fan on Facebook.

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