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Workshop on Deep Democracy in Berlin

Deep DemocracyDeep Democracy White & Yellow Belt
Foundation Course
Berlin/Germany: January 26 - 27, 2010
Course Instructor: Myrna Lewis

Deep Democracy is coming to Germany for the first time: Team dynamics, decision-making, conflict resolution

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Do you find that:

  • The same issues or topics keep coming up-but without resolution?
  • The conversations in the corridors or at tea are not being held in the meetings?
  • The leadership and project teams try and progress but get stuck as the real issues are avoided?

Whether you are a leader, a coach, a facilitator, a consultant or simply a member of a team – Deep Democracy offers both a set of innovative tools and a world view that will enhance your effectiveness across all dimensions.

Deep Democracy is based on the work of psychologist and physicist, Arnold Mindell, whose concepts and principals have been demystified and adapted for laymen by clinical psychologists Myrna Lewis and her late husband Greg.

On a practical level Deep Democracy is an advanced form of facilitation that can be used by in a variety of ways to help both groups and individuals.

The Deep Democracy process differs from traditional problem-resolution techniques and classic (majority wins) democracy in that it doesn’t strive for compromise. Instead, it aims to build a real consensus across a group – a consensus which recognizes and takes note of the wisdom inherent in the minority’s viewpoint(s), rather than simply ignoring it or overriding it. Different too, from the main emphasis of large group intervention methodologies, in that it focuses heavily on the emotional, rather than rational level and aims to heighten awareness at an individual and group level of the secondary, or unconscious, processes occurring, as these more often than not hold the key to real progress.

Through a highly experiential approach you will gain awareness and experience of group dynamics and decision-making in groups.

Goals of the White and Yellow Belt training

The White and Yellow belt is the first level of training and provides the foundation for using this methodology.

Although each course follows its own unique path, you will learn how to:

Ø Improve group decision making and buy-in

Ø Read the dynamics affecting group interactions

Ø Inspire participation from everyone in your group

Ø Engage a group to create better quality decisions and reduce the ‘terrorist activity’ of disaffected group members, undermining the effectiveness of the group

Ø Recognise when there are underlying tensions and issues in the group that are getting in the way, and how to deal with them

Ø Gain the hidden wisdom of the minority

Ø Bring new creativity into your business, family and social circle

Ø Uncover inner resources you never knew you had

Who will benefit from attending?

This course is intended for consultants, coaches, managers, leaders and others who are interested in developing their skills in dealing with groups, making decisions and resolving conflict in order to promote change and transformation.

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Special introduction fee: 416,50€ (350€ + 19% VAT)

Includes workshop material and tea/coffee during the workshop.

Please register by January 21, 2010 online at:

Brief background of Deep Democracy

Deep Democracy is based on U.S. psychologist Arnold Mindell’s innovative work in Process Orientated Psychology. Myrna Lewis and her late husband, Greg, trained with Mindell in the early 1990s and as corporate consultants, they applied what they had learned to a unique situation: South Africa’s transition from apartheid to democracy in 1994.

The Lewises responded to these enormous challenges by adapting the complex science of Mindell’s Process Orientated Psychology and applying it to help a large national utility company make the leap into the New South Africa.

After Greg died in 2002, Myrna continued to refine the techniques they had created together to hone Deep Democracy into the straightforward, five-step methodology it is today.

In 2007 Deep Democracy was one of the 80 innovations show-cased in a United Nations publication “Africa Leads” as one of the innovations coming out of Africa.

Deep Democracy spread very quickly to other South African companies and beyond the South African borders. In 2007, Capgemini UK, one of the top 4 consulting firms consisting of over 50 000 consultants worldwide, incorporated Deep Democracy in their training technology. Today Deep Democracy is being used in 20 different countries from South Africa to Australia, New Zealand, the USA, Canada, Europe, the Middle East and India – from boardroom to classroom.

About the course instructor

Myrna Lewis has a B.A. degree in Social Work, Honours in Psychology and Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology. In 2001 Myrna received the Ashoka award from Ashoka Washington, USA. Ashoka recognises individuals who through their personal endeavours, uplift communities and facilitate social change. In 2008, Myrna was a finalist in the South African Women of the Year award and she also published her book “Inside the NO – Five Steps to Decisions that Last”.

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