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Facilitating Virtual Collaboration

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Facilitating Virtual Collaboration

Keble College Oxford

September 18, 2009, 9.00-17.00

Virtual collaboration tools have mushroomed and matured at the same time. There are thousands of tools and platforms such as online conference systems, blogs, wikis, chat rooms, forums, social networks, social bookmarking sites, files sharing, etc., which allow small and big groups to work together for a common goal. Many profit and non-profit organizations are using such tools for communication and collaboration with their internal and external stakeholders. In the future, most workshops, seminars, conferences will have a virtual component. Other events will be entirely online. Besides real-time events, the demand for facilitation of asynchronous processes of organizational development is high.

We offer you a practice oriented seminar to upgrade your skills for navigation and communication in the virtual world.

The participants, upon finishing the session, will be able to
  • ...understand the importance of social media for transformative change
  • ...apply different social media tools in their own work
  • ...create meaningful content on the web
  • ...linking up to different social networks on the Web
  • ...initiate change processes by using social media
  • ...apply different social media tools in their own work as change facilitators

Workshop Agenda:
  • Web 2.0: How social media are changing the world (presentation)
  • Exercise: Exploring the world of social media (small groups)
  • The how and what of blogging (hands on learning)
  • Creating meaningful content: working with videos, podcasts, slideshows, mindmaps and other interactive Web media (hand on learning)
  • Creating social networks that move people to action (hands on learning)
  • Microblogging: creating a world brain (interactive exercise)
  • How to broaden virtual facilitation and networking skills for change processes (group discussion)
Holger Nauheimer and Sofia Bustamante (Radical Inclusion)

Participation Fee: £ 350
Early registration fee (ends July 15, 2009): £ 280

Register here.
Please contact for more information.
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