Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The RTVC Happened! Successful!

We did it! After a two months preparation, our international team hosted the first Real Time Virtual Facilitation workshop, applying Open Space principles and using a lot of different social media tools.

Here is a complete (and outstanding) mindmap covering the event (you better click on the image to see the entire mindmap):

After the agenda wall had been opened 48 hours prior to the event, 50 particpants from around the world met in a big (Skype) chat room for the opening session. From there, they went into "break-out rooms", using chat rooms, Skype voice conferences, Dimdim (conference platform), different Twitter applications, Etherpad (a simplified Wiki in which people can simultanously work on a document, and chat at the side), and other tools.

These were the topics discussed:
* Collective Action
* Communication tools for the Manager 2.0
* Introducing social media to large organisations
* OpenMoney: connecting social entrepreneurs with new currencies
* New Change Management Approach for the 21st Century?
* Interdependencies between sensible and meaningful communication and tools/ technological development
* Global Skills
* Community Owned Communications Infrastructure
* Collaborative Intelligence in the Workplace

After two break out sessions, people reconvened in the big chat room, where we facilitated a reflection session, in which we heard words like: "thrilling", "encouraging", "roller coaster", "what's next?", "bacterial", "fallingoffthecliff", and much more.

We learned a lot as a team about technological barriers, virtual facilitation skills etc.

We will be back with an even improved concept!

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  1. Holger, thank you for putting this together, it was a great conference.
    Lessons learned from my side: Skype is nice but not everybody can do the voice, and so we did end up with 2 sessions happening at the same time, one with voice and one with chat, which was hard to follow for me as moderator.
    I enjoyed very much Etherpad as a chat only tool for the other session I attended.