Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Facilitating Virtual Dialogues

I will host a 2 days training on "Facilitating Virtual Dialogues" in Oxford, UK, Sep. 17-18, 2009, as a preconference workshop to the IAF Europe conference.


Social media of the WWW are now widely used to facilitate team processes, organizational development and stakeholder dialogues. The choice of an appropriate tool is based on five context markers: place, time, content, relationship and language. Such processes can take place in synchronous, asynchronous or mixed mode.

In the two days workshop, participants will experiment with a multitude of social media and learn how to facilitate virtual processes of different size and duration. It will be learning-on-the job: the learning group will subsequently form an editorial team that covering the IAF conference by different media (blogs, podcasts, videos, photos, community groups, Twitter, Facebook, etc.)

Learning Objectives/Outcomes

The participants, upon finishing the session, will be able to

- ...understand the importance of social media for transformative change
- ...apply different social media tools in their own work
- ...create meaningful content on the web
- ...facilitate asynchronous and synchronous virtual events
- ...linking up to different social networks on the Web
- ...initiate change processes by using social media

Session Content Outline & Description

Before the workshop:
- Participants will connect through a social web platform

Day 1
- Web 2.0: How social media change the world (presentation)
- Focus group discussion: What are virtual facilitation skills
- Exercise: Exploring the world of social media (small groups)
- Group presentations
- The how and what of blogging (hands on learning)
- Group presentations
- Creating meaningful content: working with videos, podcasts, slideshows, mindmaps and other interactive Web media (hand on learning)
- Group presentations
- The rising importance of social networks on the Web (presentation)
- Social media as means for transformative change in teams and organizations (group discussion)

Day 2
- Creating social networks (hands on learning)
- Group presentations
- Microblogging: creating a world brain (interactive exercise)
- Virtual facilitation skills (presentation)
- Conference platforms (interactive exercises)
- Real Time Virtual Facilitation: creating multi-media events (hands on learning)
- Reflection. How to broaden virtual facilitation and networking skills for change processes (group discussion)
- Planning: creating editorial teams to cover the IAF conference; defining objectives of coverage

Bookmark the date, more info soon.
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