Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Make a Difference

It is about 2 weeks that I attended the Web 2.0 Expo in San Francisco. Getting ready for this evening's Social Media Lab at the HUBBerlin, I am revisiting my conference experience. The conference's website is a great source for learning what will be the forces that change our future. Here is a recommendation: If you can spare 25 minutes, watch the keynote of Tim O'Reilly on how Web 2.0 is changing the world, and how we are changing the world.

Tim talks about three major trends:
1. Enterprises understand that Web 2.0 is about turning themselves inside out
2. Web 2.0 evolves into cloud computing
3. Mobile phones and ubiquitous sensors lead us to ambient computing

An example for the last point is the Quake Catcher Network of the University of California at Stanford which uses the motion sensors of users' laptops into monitoring earth quakes.

Tim ends with the assertion: Make a Difference! Time well spent:

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