Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Darwinism on the Web

I am listening to a fascinating speech of Sören Stamer on the current stage and the future of the Web in a highly interconnected world. Stamers reflects on the current crisis and the fact that it becomes impossible to predict anything about the future. These are the seven reasons why:

1. Increasing Dynamics
2. Rising Complexity
3. Increased Transparancy
4. Global Synchronization
5. Huge Opportunities and huge risks
6. Abundance of options
7. Exponential growth

We are living in time of fundamental change, and nobody can predict what will happen next near. Doesn't that frighten you?

1. Empower the community and build your tribe. Example:
2. Engage your tribes in conversations. Example: in Singapore
3. Be personal Example:
4. Make your ideas more contagious. Virality is power!
5. Use established paradigms
6. Open up and do less, for example facebook
7. Let it go

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