Thursday, March 19, 2009

Trash Your Power Point Presentations

For a long time of my life as a trainer, I refused to use Power Point presentations. In the trainers trainings I gave, I usually introduced the concept of death by PP early in the course. But then, slowly, PP creeped into my courses. Before, I used to spend the entire night before the start of a course to draw my flip charts. This was a meditative exercise and gave me the possibility to rehearse. But finally, I plead guilty - I do use PP more than I should, even if I try to design the individual slides as animating as possible. I include videos, images and all kind of staff. And I still use flip charts and often I joyfully press the blind button of the clicker.

Having said that, I was more than happy to watch a taped webinar: Creating Powerful Presentations with Nancy Duarte. If you are a trainer or a presenter, you got to watch this 45 minutes and I bet, your presentations will never be the same.


  1. Know what you mean about the meditative aspect of preparing flip charts - always feel I'm 'ready' when they are done. Don't use PPoint regularly - never sure that client has the technology and I'm not yet ready to invest in data projector. However, yesterday I presented back to a group I facilitated 10 days ago - results of their work. PowerPoint did the job and becomes their communication tool for those in the organisation who weren't in the room.

  2. Hi there,

    Just stumbled upon your blog, and I must say I am quite impressed, not just with the quality of the writing but the topics you are selecting and the deep insight and perspective you bring to a topic (change management) which is of particular interest to me.

    With respect to powerpoint, I recently blogged about this (link below) and hoped you and your readers might find it both relevant and useful. My apologies in advance for a rather "provocative" title/choice of words..