Sunday, March 29, 2009

Agenda of CFAN's Global Gathering in Istanbul April 2009

I just received the latest programme of the Change Facilitation Associates Programm in Istanbul, April 21-25. More information and registration at

Day 1
09:00-09:15 = Checkin
09:15-11:30 = Workshop: Web 2.0 - practical applications for consultants
11:30-12:00 = Reflection: What role do I play in this group?
12:00-13:30 = Lunch
13:30-15:15 = Workshop: Corporate Trust
15:15-17:00 = Workshop: Self-Organisation
17:00-17:30 = Reflection: What else could I do/be in this group?
Evening = Celebrating 10 years of Humap

Day 2
09:00-09:15 = Checkin
09:15-11:30 = Workshop: Art as a feedback tool
11:30-12:00 = Reflection: Where is this group heading?
12:00-13:30 = Lunch
13:30-15:15 = Workshop: Change & Innovation
15:15-17:00 = Workshop: Topics to be confirmed
17:00-17:30 = Reflection: Where do I want this group to be heading?

Day 3
: Harvesting results of the previous days' reflection into a discussion regarding CFAN. Serdar has agreed to facilitate this day, in a one-day (or maybe just part of the day) AI process. Originally, we had thought to have CFAN board and general meetings, but given the attendance this year, I'm inclined to not schedule anything specific and leave it up to feelings on the day to dictate what unfolds.

Day 4:
Transfer to and tour of Istanbul.

Day 5
: Open space with local school.

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