Sunday, February 15, 2009

Workshop on Large Scale Change starts in Bangkok

For the next 6 days, I will be engaged as the lead facilitator, together with my great colleague Chaiwat Thirapantu, in a ground breaking workshop in Bangkok. The entire workshop will revolve around the topic of promoting freedom and democracy in Asia, and it is sponsored by the regional hub of Friedrich Naumann Foundation. I am excited because the workshop design is the most innovative I have ever been involved with. We will have four pillars that define our work:

1. Content: The content is around the topic that I have outlined before, promoting freedom and democracy in Asia. We will have a mixture of practice reports from local projects all over South East and East Asia (with people coming from different countries), particularly focusing the application of new media. This will be accompanied by an introduction of large scale change methods such as Open Space Technology, World Café, Appreciative Inquiry and Deep Dialogue.

2. Method and Tools: beside some classical presentation, most of the methodologies are based on the large scale groups methods mentioned before. That means we will teach them but also practice them, starting with an Open Space workshop on Tuesday.

3. Documentation: we will document the entire workshop by applying social media. Every day, we will form six documentation groups (in which participants will rotate):
- Bloggers and Tweeters
- Photojournalists
- Video documenters
- Podcasters
- Graphical facilitators
- Chief Editorial Board
At the end of each day, we have 2 hours reserved for online documentation. The documents can be found by using the tag fnasia for blogs, pictures, videos, podcasts and the hashtag #fnasia on Twitter. We also use a social network platform based on Ning. This platform is on invitation only but we will discuss whether we will make it open to the wider public. If you want to follow up, for the time being, just send us a request and we will open it up for you.

4. Passion and Responsibility: We will use the Open Space Technology principles and rely on the passion and responsibility of participants. It will only happen if people make it happen.

I will report daily on this blog. Here is the programme for Monday:

Monday 16.02.2009

09.00-10.30 Introduction
Begin of Workshop: Knowing each other, intro to Workshops sharing experiences, formation of working groups for online documentation of workshops. Action planning for documentation.
10.30-10.45 Coffee break
10.45-12.15 Short Presentations
10.45-11.30 Topic 1:
FNF-experience with podcasts and other audio products and their use in project work
- conceptualising and producing podcasts
11.30-12.15 Topic 2:
The production of films, Videos, Videocast, animations in project work and experiences herewith
- The production and use of films on property rights protection in project work, the Indonesian experience
12.15-13.15 Lunch
13.15-15.00 Short Presentations
13.15-14.00 Topic 3:
Design and use of training concepts, modules etc. for political parties and politicians
- Candidate school
- Organisation and management of political parties, Module from Malaysia
- Communication workshop model of CALD
14.00-14.45 Topic 4:
Concepts and models of FNF Alumni work in the region
- FAN Malaysia
- CAN – IAF Cambodia Alumni
14.45-15.15 Coffee Break
15.15-16.00 How change has changed. Virtual and F2F Facilitation in the 21st century
16.00-18.00 Media Coverage (Work with online tools)

Photo: Craig Grobler on Flickr (CC licensed)

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  1. This is f*ing brilliant. Im on the same track (merging web 2.0 tools with new (OS) dialogue tools) and would appreciate it if you would let me join your ning group? And how can one see your documentation..?
    We are a group in Denmark, Scandivia practicing Collaborative Social Innovation - which is basicly what you guys are doing except that we also focus on developing new (social) business models. (
    - im so happy to see that you are doing this. all the best.