Friday, February 20, 2009

Day 5 at Bangkok Workshop Part 2: Deeper Listening

After the field reports, we went into an exercise to practice deeper listening, which I learned from Rombout van den Nieuwenhof who written the Book Didactics of Love. In the exercise, people work in pairs. One of the two asks their partner the question: "Please tell me what is presence for you?" They are encouraged to be mindfulness and listen to the entire story. The partner is listening to themselves responding, the interviewer is observing themselves listening. Whenever the partner falls silent, as an interviewer repeat the same question, over and over again, for 15 minutes.. In this exercise. This is a powerful and partly painful exercise which gives room to a deep insight to oneself.

In the afternoon, Chaiwat and I explained the principles of Appreciative Inquiry and World Café. Tomorrow we will end with three rounds of World Café on the topic of impact, and then close with an Action Space. And then, I need some rest...

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