Friday, January 30, 2009

Looking at my own journey - another twist of my life?

The last days and weeks have been really exciting. The year started with the workshop on Be the Change in Helsinki (totally technology unrelated, check our presentation). Last Sunday, I delivered my keynote on Web 2.0 and Change, and - finally - I am twittering like hell. The idea of combining my Change Facilitation skills with my newly acquired knowledge about social media on the Web slowly comes together. It was good to see on the last workshop that people started to make use of the tools that enable us to stay in touch, record our observations in real time and provide the opportunity to check back later.

I am going to build on that in my next workshop, coming up in February, where we will combine exchange of experiences in supporting democracy in Asia with an introduction to large scale facilitation methods, mainly Open Space Technology and World Café with a self organized documentation using blogs, podcasts, videopodcasts, Twitter (of course!), arts, and maybe other media. Because usually there isn't much time for harvesting results in such workshops, we will have dedicated time slots of two hours each afternoon where editorial team will digest and organize the information.

I have been an advocate for self-organization and for observing emergent patterns in organizations for ten years, and the latest great discovery for me was actually Open Space Technology. At that time, we talked a lot about Open Space organizations, somehow captured and catalyzed by Dee Hock's book Birth of the Chaordic Age. This was also the time when I first read Kevin Kelly's book New Rules for The New Economy (1998). 1998? Jesus, time is really running, and Kevin's theses are as fresh and valid as they were 11 years ago. In the last two years, growing slowly into the Web community, I have met so many people who really believe that a better world is possible and who life from a position of abundance.

For those of you who think that my occupation with Web 2.0 is all of my professional life, let me tell you that this is just a tiny but growing bit. I earn my living as a facilitator and trainer in change processes. But I feel it is time to move forward: I felt this urge when I met Nancy White from Seattle, who switches between the virtual and real world with such a grace.

So, what is the future: more of both. Doing Open Space Facilitation and such stuff and integrating web communities in real whole systems change processes. I made the start with publishing a new website in German called Virtueller Wandel (that's Virtual Change). At the end, all of this goes back to the old dream of one of my teachers, Robert Dilts of Creating a World to Which People Want to Belong. In my small circle of influence I an happy if I can contribute to creating organizations to which people want to belong.

There are about two books to be written this year. One about a new change model that my friend Vesa Purokuru has developed and which we want to fill with life. One about Web 2.0 and Change. Heaven, where shall I take the time for that? I have a company to run and a wife to attend!

However, this all sounds like exciting time. Thanks all of you who have been and will be part of my journey.

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