Friday, January 23, 2009

Kick-Starting Creative Processes: The Spark Plugs Method

Last Tuesday, I attended an interesting workshop on Kick-Starting Creative Processes with Piritta Kantojävi and Juliane Neumann from the international, Finland based training group Grape People. Piritta has implemented literally out-of-the-box thinking. Here is a summary of what happens in such a process:

Participants of a workshop which could on any topic that requires creative thinking (new products, marketing ideas, etc.) work in groups on creating chains of associations. The trigger for these associations are shoe boxes filled with crazy stuff (I forgot to take photos!). Our group had box laid out in pink, with lots of nails sticking into the box, a small bronce eros figure and two feathers. Another box had a little sailing boat, a beach photo and some small glas containers. So strange...

Looking at the content of these boxes, we started to write down everything that came our mind (our general topic was that of a "Hapiness Factory" - creating products that make Germans more happy). Within 20 minutes, having looked into four of these boxes, we had about 40 small pieces of paper with words or sentences. In the next phase, we continued working individually on these papers, checking whether some ideas would be worth to specify and follow up.

We stopped here. In reality, work would start from this point, leading eventually to an action plan.

A detailed description of the method can be found at Piritta's website.


  1. The links on you blog to Grapte People and Piritta are invalid. Do you have any other method of contact? I'm very interested in the Sprak Plugs Method.
    Thanks, fb

  2. Please contact juliane.neumann at grapepeople dot de. She will help.