Saturday, November 8, 2008

CFAN Regional Gathering in Amsterdam (3) - Didactics of Love

Last workshop of the CFAN Regional Gathering. ‘Didactics of Love’ by Rombout van den Nieuwenhof: we do not very often use the concept of love or connectedness in organizations.

Didactics of Love is about Presence - Connectedness - Here & Now - Discipline - Humility.

In the workshop, we are doing exercises about Presence, Connectedness, and the Here & Now.

We did an exercise: Ask a partner the question: "Please tell me what is presence for you?" Be mindfulness and listen to the entire story. Do not comment. The partner is listening to themselves responding, the interviewer is observing themselves listening. Whenever the partner falls silent, as an interviewer repeat the same question, over and over again, for 15 minutes.

I experienced this as an active exercise in Theory U. When I was the speaker, it was easy to begin. After 5-6 minutes and two or three times having been asked, I felt emptiness, only to return to a deeper understanding of connectedness and more material to think about. It was one of the most powerful exercises I did for a long time.

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