Friday, August 15, 2008

NLP has found its way to the Olympics

I am a bit occupied as you might see from my infrequent postings. Beside work, work, work and family, there was the European Football Championship and now Beijing Olympics.

I was pleased to see that Neurolinguistic Programming has found its way to the Olmpics. Today, German swimmer Britta Steffen won the gold medal in 100m Freestyle. Steffen has her mental coach with her, Friederike Janofske, who also coached our glorious Franziska van Almsick. It happens that I knew Janofske back in the nineties. Interesting to see that simple NLP techniques such as anchoring (Steffen turns her ring before the start which connects her with her brothers), self-hypnosis, time lines are applied.

In the early ninties, we talked a lot about coaching athlets and teams. Janofske is one of the people who realize those dreams.

Don't expect too many postings in the next weeks - I am about to go on summer vacation. Take care.

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