Friday, October 12, 2007

Get Profitable with Women at the Top

Yesterday, the Financial Times published a McKinsey report showing that "...European companies with the highest proportion of women in influential leadership better than their sector in terms of return on equity, operating result and share price growth.". The report further explains that those companies who have three or more women in their boardroom are the biggest out-performers. McKinsey explains that "A sole woman on a board often feels marginalised,... the appointment of a second woman can help reduce this isolation but can also create difficulties: two women may have to be careful not to be seen as “conspiring”, said researchers... A “clear shift” occurs when there are three or more women... The women tend to be seen just as directors, rather than female directors, the boardroom dynamic becomes more collaborative and the discussions richer and more informative."

Look at your boardroom. Feel like you have to change something?

Photo: "Boardroom" by celinet on Flickr.

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