Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The Return of a Candy Bar - Consumers Can Make a Change in a Global World

Ever since I read Wikinomics and since I have been to the Web2.0 Expo in San Francisco earlier this year, I believe in two things:

1. There is an incredible hype around the concept of Web 2.0; it will get quieter and many start-ups will not make it into 2009.

2. Web 2.0 has just started. We cannot imagine now, what and impact the winners of the Web 2.0 revolution will have on our lives and our work. Web 2.0 has already changed the way many people interact, particularly in the generation that will make the next managers, and I expect that lots of its principles will be mainstreamed. In about two to four years, companies but also non-profit campaigners will utilize online communities on a routine base to promote their case. So, if you have a cute idea on how to apply Web 2.0 principles, it is about time to realize them.


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  1. By a co-incidence I had a post on the same topic today. Am enjoying your blog and would love to contribute.

    Prem Rao